Rev's Sermons
The Epistle of James
Encouraging the Brethren
The Epistle of James was written to BELIEVERS to encourage BELIEVERS to behave well in times of trials. This  letter is widely misunderstood. Contrary to popular opinion James is NOT writing to unbelievers telling them to add works to their faith so that they may be eternally saved. Nor is James writing to so called "professing believers" telling them they must have works in order secure their place in heaven. He is not talking about "Justification", being saved from the penalty of sin, which is received as a gift by faith alone in Christ alone. Paul does that in His letter to the Romans. James wrote exclusively to "BROTHERS" in Christ (used 15 times) telling them to add works to their faith, so that they may be saved from the wrath of God in this life, this is "Sanctification", being saved from the power of sin. If you miss this distinction you will miss the point and the impact James has for you. Dr. C. Norman Sellers in this series clears the air of confusion and restores James to its proper purpose of encouraging BELIEVERS to face trials with faith and perseverance. Now brothers and sisters, "Get to work!" (Click on the chapters below)
Chapter 1-2
Chapter 3-5

What Must I Do to be Saved?