The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Dart Boards

Nov 26, 2023


Looking to upgrade your game room? Electronic dart boards are not only fun and entertaining but also make for a great addition to any home or commercial space. At, we understand the importance of providing our customers with top-notch gaming equipment. In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about electronic dart boards and help you find the perfect one to suit your needs.

Why Choose Electronic Dart Boards?

Electronic dart boards have revolutionized the game of darts, offering a wide range of features and benefits that traditional dart boards can't match. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider investing in an electronic dart board:

  • Interactive Gameplay: Electronic dart boards come with various game modes, scoring options, and interactive features that enhance your gaming experience.
  • Accurate Scoring: Forget about manual scorekeeping. Electronic dart boards have built-in scoring systems that automatically track your scores with precision.
  • Safe and Convenient: Unlike steel-tip dart boards, electronic dart boards feature soft-tip darts, making them safe for players of all ages. Additionally, they are hassle-free to set up and require minimal maintenance.
  • Variety of Games: Electronic dart boards offer a wide range of games to choose from, including popular classics like 501, Cricket, and more.

Choosing the Perfect Electronic Dart Board

With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right electronic dart board. Here are some key factors to consider that will help you make an informed decision:

1. Dart Board Type

There are two primary types of electronic dart boards: soft-tip and coin-operated. Soft-tip dart boards are designed for recreational use and are perfect for home gaming. Coin-operated dart boards, on the other hand, are ideal for commercial settings such as bars and arcades.

2. Game Modes and Variations

Make sure the electronic dart board you choose offers a wide range of game modes and variations. This ensures that you never get bored and provides endless hours of entertainment for you and your friends or family.

3. Display and Scoring System

Look for an electronic dart board with a clear and easy-to-read display. The scoring system should be accurate and user-friendly, allowing you to keep track of your scores effortlessly.

4. Durability and Build Quality

Investing in a high-quality electronic dart board ensures durability and long-lasting performance. Look for boards with sturdy construction and reliable materials that can withstand regular use.

5. Accessories and Additional Features

Consider the accessories and additional features that come with the electronic dart board. Some boards may include features like sound effects, multiplayer options, and automatic handicap adjustments.

Top Electronic Dart Boards at

At, we have carefully curated a selection of the best electronic dart boards available in the market. Here are our top recommendations:

1. Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard

The Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard is a fantastic choice for both casual and serious players. With 43 games and 320 variations, it offers enough diversity to keep you entertained for hours on end. The ultra-thin spider significantly reduces bounce-outs, ensuring accurate scoring.

2. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

For those looking for professional-level gameplay, the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is a top-of-the-line electronic dart board. It features a regulation-size 15.5" target area, advanced voice prompts, and micro-thin segment dividers for precise scoring. The NylonTough segments ensure exceptional durability.

3. Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard

The Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard is perfect for beginners and intermediate players. It offers 38 games with 167 variations, catering to all skill levels. The solo play feature allows you to sharpen your skills even when there's no one to play with you.


Transform your gaming experience with an electronic dart board from Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, our collection has something for everyone. The incredible features, accuracy, and durability of our electronic dart boards will undoubtedly take your dart throwing skills to the next level. Explore our wide range of options and choose the perfect electronic dart board today!

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