Welcome to Twin Lakes Baptist Church

Dec 6, 2017

Plan Your Visit - St Paul United Methodist Church

Thank you for considering a visit to St Paul United Methodist Church, a vibrant and inclusive faith community within the Twin Lakes area. We believe that faith should be a guiding force in our lives, and we strive to create a welcoming environment where individuals and families can explore, deepen, and celebrate their faith journey.

Experience the Warmth of Our Faith Community

At St Paul United Methodist Church, we are committed to fostering a warm and loving community where individuals can connect with others who share a similar spiritual journey. Our diverse congregation is made up of people from different walks of life, and we celebrate our unique stories and experiences. Whether you are new to the area or searching for a faith community to call home, we invite you to join us and experience the unconditional love and support that our church family offers.

Worship with Us

Our worship services at St Paul United Methodist Church are designed to be engaging, inspiring, and uplifting. We offer both traditional and contemporary worship styles to cater to the diverse preferences of our congregation. Our dedicated clergy and talented musicians work together to create a worship experience that touches hearts and minds, helping to strengthen our connection with God and one another.

Fellowship and Activities

In addition to worship services, we offer a wide range of opportunities for fellowship and connection. Our church hosts various activities throughout the week, including Bible study groups, prayer circles, youth programs, and community service projects. These activities provide nurturing spaces for spiritual growth, meaningful relationships, and the opportunity to make a positive impact on our community.

How to Plan Your Visit

We are thrilled that you are interested in visiting St Paul United Methodist Church! Below, we have outlined a few helpful tips to aid in planning your visit:

1. Choose a Service Time

We have multiple service times to accommodate different schedules. Join us for our traditional worship service at 9:00 AM or our contemporary worship service at 11:00 AM. Both services are thoughtfully crafted to provide a meaningful worship experience.

2. Find Us

Our church is conveniently located at 123 Church Street, Twin Lakes. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our location using the map below:

3. What to Expect

When you arrive at St Paul United Methodist Church, you will be warmly greeted by our friendly congregation. Feel free to ask any questions or seek assistance from our dedicated hospitality team. We want you to feel comfortable and at ease during your visit.

4. Dress Code

There is no specific dress code at our church. You are welcome to come as you are, whether that means wearing your Sunday best or casual attire. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and ready to worship alongside our church family.

5. Children's Ministry

At St Paul United Methodist Church, we value the spiritual growth and development of children. We offer a comprehensive Children's Ministry program that provides age-appropriate activities, lessons, and care for children of all ages. Our trained volunteers ensure a safe and nurturing environment, allowing parents to fully engage in the worship experience.

6. Stay Connected

Once you've visited St Paul United Methodist Church, we encourage you to stay connected with us! Join our mailing list to receive updates on upcoming events and programs. You can also follow us on social media to stay connected with our church community and access additional resources to support your faith journey.

We look forward to welcoming you to St Paul United Methodist Church and being a part of your spiritual journey. Should you have any questions or need further assistance in planning your visit, please do not hesitate to contact our church office. We are here to help and support you in any way we can.

Sonia Rae
🙏 Looking forward to joining your warm and inclusive community!
Nov 8, 2023
Ramy Kfoury
Welcome to St Paul United Methodist Church! We look forward to visiting your vibrant and inclusive faith community.
Dec 2, 2022
Laura Corbalis
Looking forward to experiencing the welcoming environment at St Paul United Methodist Church.
Oct 12, 2022
Ashley Randolph
The mission of St Paul United Methodist Church to make faith a guiding force resonates deeply. Looking forward to visiting soon.
May 30, 2022
Michelle Paxton
Exploring faith communities and looking forward to experiencing what St Paul United Methodist Church has to offer. 🌟
May 13, 2022
Raju Sethi
Excited to plan a visit to St Paul United Methodist Church in the Twin Lakes area!
Apr 4, 2021
Hassan Mursel
I admire the dedication to creating a welcoming environment at St Paul United Methodist Church.
Jan 11, 2021
Tom Qualman
Looking forward to immersing myself in the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere at St Paul United Methodist Church. 🌿
Oct 20, 2020
Joseph Sheen
The commitment to inclusivity at St Paul United Methodist Church is truly commendable. Cannot wait to witness it in person!
Feb 16, 2020
Ta'niyah Harris
The emphasis on creating a guiding force in faith is admirable. St Paul United Methodist Church sounds like a great place for spiritual growth.
Jan 4, 2020
Vincent Tuccillo
The Twin Lakes area is lucky to have such a vibrant faith community like St Paul United Methodist Church.
Sep 16, 2019
Michaela Felicidario
Thank you for providing a welcoming space for spiritual exploration and growth. St Paul United Methodist Church is an inspiration.
Aug 14, 2019
Barbara Moskal
Planning a visit to St Paul United Methodist Church in the near future. The faith community's values align with my own.
Feb 15, 2019
Ben Dhu
Eager to embrace the spiritual guidance that St Paul United Methodist Church offers. Excited for the visit!
Aug 26, 2018
Darrell Monk
I appreciate the emphasis on inclusivity. St Paul United Methodist Church seems like a welcoming place for all.
May 6, 2018